Wedding in Greece – Corina & Paul

Wedding photographer in Greece

Wedding in Greece


Photography by Irini Koronaki Photography

Believe it or not, our story began on Facebook. We had been virtual friends on that platform for several years, but never actually talked to each other.Until one day, when Paul scrolled through all my beautiful pictures and said to his mom “Mom, I will marry this girl!”. He was 100% confident, even before seeing or talking to me, that I will be the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

Our love story was written in the stars, most probably in the Cretan ones, because that is where we ended up celebrating our flawless, sublime and fascinating wedding.

Paul and I have been together for almost 8 years, but it really feels that it was only yesterday when we first met. One thing is sure, we are a very lucky couple and we cannot explain why, except for the fact that “It Was Meant To Be”. Both born in Europe, but we live in Montreal, Canada or in “The North Pole”, that is how we like to call it haha. Winters here are long and cold, and because of that, we started travelling together, escaping the winter and discovering new cultures and hidden parts of this beautiful planet.

During one of our vacations in Europe, we got engaged!!!
Just the two of us, in a private setting, on the magnificent beach – Playa de Duque, in Tenerife, Canary Islands.

A huge surprise for me, I could have never imagined a more romantic and dreamy proposal. An idyllic, intimate, simply PERFECT moment that we will cherish forever.With such an amazing proposal, Paul has set the bar very high for the wedding. To be honest, we both felt that it had to be something different, something special and definitely somewhere in Europe, closer to our roots. Even though our parents live in Canada, we still have a lot of family and friends all around Europe, and we thought it would be a great idea to gather everybody there.

Did not dream of a big wedding, anything fancy, but our goal was to celebrate that moment with our family and closest friends. Venues research led us to the unspoiled island of Crete, where we found a beautiful villa, big enough for our family and for our wedding celebration in the garden.
Even if we’ve never been to Crete before, it might sound crazy, but we went ahead and booked it. Our dreamy wedding in Greece was suddenly here.


Planning at distance and without a wedding planner was not an easy task, but it was all worth it and the result was exactly as we imagined, actually, even much better than we have imagined. It was splendid, fun and very emotional. Of course, we have travelled to several places before, but Crete felt very special. It was not about luxurious places, even though I’m sure there are many in Crete, but for us it was about the people and the Cretan culture.
Beautiful souls, humble, open-minded, happy and willing to help. Whether it was the lady from the pharmacy who helped with an advice, or the bakery lady who offered an extra pie for free, or the bar waiter who suggested a trustful taxi driver, in the end, they all contributed in a way or another, to our pleasant experience in Crete.

Last but not least, we are also so happy and so grateful to our vendors, that now became our friends, who helped make our dream wedding come true.Crete – We will surely be back – LOVE – Corina & Paul
Photography: Irini Koronaki
Music: Happy Djs (Vasilis, Marios & Nikos)
Flowers: Oneiranthi
Venue: Think Villa

Dresses: WONA Concept

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