Professional Wedding Photographer

Photography is an important part of any wedding day. Capturing the memories of this very special episode of your life should never be underestimated. Hiring a photographer means entrusting a professional with the production of consistent and visually stunning photos.

There are so many benefits of having a photographer at your wedding because a professional will be able to capture your perfect day (regardless of weather or light) and you won’t rely solely on random photos taken by your guests.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Photographer

Good photographers have a specific set of skills, knowing how to work in various situations, particularly when photographing outside. Not only do they have extensive experience with the cameras and equipment, but they also carry additional tools to avoid failures during the event. Some of the backup equipment is as follows: lenses, camera stands, chargers, batteries.

Professionals will maintain regular communication with the couple to discuss all requirements, and which moments should be captured. The photographer knows what to focus on but it’s important to communicate preferences and concerns, so if there is a change in plan or location, the photographer will be able to adjust and find the best solutions.

Wedding photographer like Irini Koronaki interacts positively with couples, helping them to relax. An experienced photographer makes sure that even if doing lots of shots during the day, the photo shoot with the bride and groom is a nice experience where they get used to being in front of the lens, in an environment they choose and like. It is good to spend half an hour (or an hour) away from everyone to laugh and have a bit of fun, while the photographer captures beautiful moments, expressing your personalities as a couple.

Some photographers focus on emotion and events, other offer styled, elegant shoots.

Irini Koronaki Photography – in Chania, Crete

A professional photographer, Irini Koronaki knows what is needed to capture images in a story telling manner. Travelling to different locations, Irini considers travel times, time to spend at each location, light and other factors influencing the quality of the photography.

Irini knows taking pictures isn’t easy for all, some people struggle to relax and enjoy photo shoots. An experienced photographer, Irini will ensure that you stay stress-free and calm.

Irini Koronaki – Your Creative Partner. In choosing Irini for your wedding photography you will enjoy the services of a professional wedding photographer in Crete and upon agreement, outside of Greece. Irini is a talented person who focuses on delivering the best portrait sessions, unique photographs of newlywed couples, and their special guests. Being creative means having the ability to reflect real emotions, include laughter and spontaneity.

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