Arvit & Anike – Wedding in southern Crete

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Wedding in Southern Crete

When I first met Anike & Arvit, it was a deep summer 2018. We had our coffee at Rethymnon harbour and talked about their wedding. I was looking at this couple, and thinking about their beautiful body language.

Even while we were sitting on the chairs, the body language was there! So when they confirmed that it would be me, who they chose to cover their wedding, I was so happy, honoured, and couldn’t wait to meet them again on their wedding day.

The wedding day was settled in Levinthos hotel on southern’s Crete’s beautiful small village, called Lentas where it’s like the middle of nowhere, the end of the world. It’s located in the middle of wild nature, just a small village of a few houses and a few traditional Greek taverns.

This village has a beautiful history – a lovely place of Kleopatra, or Minoans hospitals. It took me around 3 hours to get there, but I can really say, it deserved all this long long long drive.

What surprise, when I first saw Anike and Arvit – they told me, they are expecting their first baby. Arvit was looking at Anike, with all the love in his eyes, with all this respect and amaze, that one man can feel for women.

The wedding was so relaxed, nobody was in rush, Anika & Arvit, and just their closest friends and family enjoyed their day till the end. Lots of happiness cries, of smile and laugh, lots of hugs and lots of love.

Thank you Anike & Arvit for this amazing experience.
I feel so blessed I could be a part of your beautiful wedding day.

I wish you all the happiness and love will follow you for all your lives.

Decoration: Stepsis Wedding in Crete

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