Romantic wedding in Greece – Kyle & Jea

Romantic wedding in Chania


It was a May, the month of love, when I was on my way to meet this perfect couple – Kyle & Jea from U.S.A.
I was so excited about the first wedding of the 2019’s wedding season. Especially because this wedding was in my hometown, Chania.

We met in a private villa, close to Chania city, where all the wedding should take the place. Everything was ready for the big day, so we discussed just some last details, and I was sooo happy to be a part of this amazing wedding.

When I left my house for the wedding, the weather outside was crazy. Stormy and windy. But when I arrived to the villa , the magic happened. All the clouds were gone, and the weather was sunny and fresh. And the wedding was ABSOLUTELY amazing. Full of love, laugh and happiness.

As we know, after every storm, comes the sun. No matter the difficulties, these two kind and respectful persons became each other’s sunshine

After the ceremony we shot some formal photographs in the villa area, and then we went to the beach for some romantic shoots with the sunset background.
All the guests of Kyle & Jea had a great time celebrating this beautiful wedding in Greece.

Fell free to contact me anytime and let’s talk about your wedding in Greece.

Wedding photographer: Irini Koronaki Photography

Wedding planner : MyPlanner

Sparkling Van: the Sparkling Van

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