Elegant Wedding in Crete – Robert and Tanya

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Elegant wedding in Crete


Tanya’s and Robert’s story began in Amsterdam, where they met one of the student parties. With Tanya’s passionate Russian heart and Robert’s calm rational Dutch-English nature, their relationship developed into a lifetime adventure when Robert proposed to Tanya in one of the most romantic towns in Europe. Belgian Brugge.

Our amazing couple chose Crete to make the most important promises of their life in front of their beloved parents and closest friends. Crete was chosen for their elegant wedding for a special reason. Bride’s parents fell in love with this island a while ago when they first came to Crete. And they passed this special feeling to Tanya.

Robert was up to an adventure and a special atmosphere. And then it was decided: destination wedding! The term “closest friends” was difficult to define. In the end, there were around 60 people present on a special day.
It was extremely fulfilling but also a very difficult year for a couple.

They wanted to make their weekend extra special.

On top of that, it was an extremely diverse and international mix of guests invited: Dutch, Russians, English, Germans, and Greek.
However, after the pre-wedding dinner, everyone got to know each other and all the cultures mixed into one amazing special atmosphere that stayed there for the whole time of the wedding.

Even when the wedding was threatened by Zorbas hurricane which has been followed but all international channels, Natasa from Stepsis knew that the wedding would go ahead. We still do not know which Greek gods everyone prayed to, but at the moment of the ceremony the horizontal rain stopped and the sunshine appeared.

Moreover, their emotional vows on the beautiful sea-side terrace was an extraordinary moment for everyone in the audience but especially for the newlyweds.

The wedding itself was full of surprises from guests: from singing a specially written song for newlyweds to an unexpected hip hop of the newlyweds.  Russian, English and Greek traditions appeared in the course of the wedding which added a special touch to the event.

Everyone celebrated with a huge party till 5 am at the club which highlighted all emotions present on this day.

“We still remember this day as the best of our life. We were delighted that our guests came from all over the world to become an integral part of a small world created for three days.  We will never forget anyone from the team of professionals who made our day so fantastic and memories so bright, thank you!”

Robert & Tanya

And the team of Best Professionals was there:

Wedding Photographer: Irini Koronaki Photography | www.ikoronaki.gr
Wedding Planner: Stepsis – Weddings in Crete | www.stepsis.gr

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